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DROPSHIPPING Automatisation by Web Seller Guru Ltd.
Put your eBay drop shipping business on autopilot

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Price Monitor
You no longer want to worry about manual price check, Web Seller Guru will automatically track and change your price when is needed
Streamline processes
Selling on eBay, as well as your own ecommerce website can be a time consuming and problematic task. When dealing with high product volumes and hundreds or thousands of product lines, simple tasks such as keeping stock or accounts up to date can be extremely inefficient. Web Seller Guru is an all in one product that can help.
Fair pricing
Unlike many competitors, we don't think it's right to take a % cut of your revenue. Our pricing is simple, transparent and fair. Fixed monthly fees for a cost effective solution, so that you know exactly how much you have to pay each month.
Enjoy first class support
We know how frustrating it is when you’ve got a problem that needs solving quickly, but you can’t get through to who you need to speak to. With Web Seller Guru, all our clients are assigned with a friendly, experienced account manager who’s always one phone call away.

Free Basic plan

$0.00 Per Month

  • Product limit: 30
  • Linked product limit: 10
  • No Support

100 products 100 linked products

$10.00 Per Month

  • Product limit: 100
  • Linked product limit: 100
  • 24/7 Support

150 products 150 linked products

$15.00 Per Month

  • Product limit: 150
  • Linked product limit: 150
  • 24/7 Support

300 products 300 linked products

$20.00 Per Month

  • Product limit: 300
  • Linked product limit: 300
  • 24/7 Support