Tracking System

Tracks price and stock availability in your suppliers on every 1 hours and updates automatically in eBay

  • Checks prices in suppliers on every one hour
  • Checks stock availability in suppliers every one hours
  • Updates price in eBay in case of a change in the supplier’s price using pre-set formula, fully customizable by the user!
  • Changes the price by chosen by the user percentage in case of out of stock product!
  • Go to check wich supplayer we support Supplayer list

Listing Builder

Upload products in eBay fast and easy using all the WSG suppliers

  • Fast and easy product upload in eBay
  • Automatically extracts product information from the supplier
  • Template system – so that every listing can be beautiful!
  • Pre-set profiles for various parts of your listing to save you time!

Price Movement

Automatically moves the price up and down to bring more activity into your eBay profile

  • Increases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount on every 3 hours
  • Decreases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount on every 3 hours
  • Full control over which of your listings to use the service

Quantity Manager

Inventory management system that helps you manage the product quantities in your store

  • Manage the quantities all from one place
  • Last one feature – create scarcity by putting the display of your products to “Last one”
  • Auto relist feature – relist your products after a sale is made automatically
  • Choose quantity buyers see on your products even if you have more at the moment